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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 19:14

The African Parliamentarians ’ Network Against Corruption (APNAC) is Africa’s leading network of parliamentarians working to strengthen parliamentary capacity to fight corruption and promote good governance.

APNAC was formed at a regional workshop that took place in Kampala in 1999 . At this workshop, participants acknowledged that corruption could best be reduced by strengthening systems of accountability and transparency and by increasing public participation in the governance of African countries. They further appreciated the value of maintaining contact with one another, sharing information on the issue of corruption and reaching out to fellow parliamentarians throughout the continent.

Today, the Network embraces hundreds of members organized into national chapters in every region of sub-Saharan Africa.
Goal and Objectives

APNAC’s overarching goal is to strengthen the commitment and capacity of African parliamentarians to fight corruption. The Network’s objectives are:

* To build the commitment of parliaments to exercise oversight, with emphasis on financial accountability
* T To share information on effective practices and lessons learned
* To undertake projects to combat corruption
* To increase citizens’ awareness of the existence of corruption and the harm it causes
* To advocate that corruption issues be included in government priorities and programs
* To encourage improvement of state capacity to address matters of corruption promptly
* To liaise with global and national civil society groups on all matters of corruption
* To mobilize internal and external resources to support anti-corruption projects
* To develop linkages among parliamentary oversight committees across Africa
* To advocate the ratification of regional and international anti-corruption conventions


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The Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating corruption throughout the world. This website is intended to be a portal for parliamentarians and others, interested in joining forces to fight corruption and promote good governance. For more visit: